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Mighty Line Clear Floor tape comes in 1.75", 2", 2.75", 3.75", 4" and 5.75" Wide. This tape is 50 MIL thick PVC material with a peel and stick, adhesive backing. The clear color of the tape allows users to scan barcodes through the tape, which is great for protecting long runs of labels on the floor. This tape does not leave any residue during removal. To apply the tape, peel the liner off and stick it to a clean, dry surface and the tape is warrantied to stay down for 3 years. There is no wait time, industrial wheel traffic can continue immediately. The beveled edges allow the tape to withstand constant traffic. This tape is as thick as two credit cards and it is meant to replace the use of paint and thinner tapes within the warehouse. This product is patented.

Clear Floor Tape- 100' Roll

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